Famous (and even infamous) people get asked to write about themselves.  Publishers of memoirs know they’ll make a killing on a memoir authored by Brad Pitt or Beyonce Knowles.  Unfortunately, you probably do not have a publicist, fan club or hundreds-of-thousands of Facebook followers.  Other than family, friends, classmates and co-workers, few others even know you exist.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have something important to share!  You may not have won the lottery, or sang a hit tune, or become a film icon, but that doesn’t mean your life has been for naught.

Life’s lessons are what nourish the soul of the memoir.

Memoir authors willing to share what they’ve learned from difficult experiences in order to uplift and teach others facing similar challenges are the heroes of this genre.  Their message is a gift to readers searching for insights and answers from someone like you, someone who knows from personal experience what they need to know and has made it their mission to tell them.

Because you are not Brad Pitt or Beyonce Knowles, however, New York publishers and literary agents probably won’t share your mission.  Don’t take it personally.  Be your own memoir literary agent!  Hire a memoir coach skilled in memoir editing.

Then self-publish.

The hard part is writing your memoir.  Self-publishing is much easier than you think.  Don’t quit now.  Your message will make a difference for someone who needs to read it, just like you once did.

Isn’t that why you’re writing your memoirs?

Need help writing, editing or publishing your memoir?  Contact me for a FREE 30-minute phone consultation.


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3 thoughts on “Why Write Your Memoir?

  1. Because memoirs are deeply personal, it seems to me that the control one has in self publishing is a great reason to go for it. That is my case. But because I wanted to reach as many readers as possible, I spent considerable time and money ensuring a quality product. First, since I am a technical writer I hired a best-selling author coach to help me craft the story. I also paid for two rounds of professional editing; the very last brush over was done by someone close to me. The cover and interior as well were professional services with my personal touches. This is something everyone cannot afford, but every indie author should try and procure outside eyes for their project.

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