Writing a book is hard work, especially for beginners.  “Writer’s block,” “procrastination” and “daydreaming” are but a few examples of distractions that handicap the writing process.  Hiring a professional writing coach is a prudent means of helping writers who are not confident in their command of grammar, tense, punctuation, sentence structure and overall writing skills.

Like sports, health and life coaches, writing coaches teach their students how to identify problems, develop strategies and achieve goals.

Writing coaches also help authors establish a writing routine, avoid distractions and use their time wisely.  As examples:

  1. Write when you’re most alert (some folks are “morning people” and others are “night people”).
  2. Write when the kids are at school or in bed; turn off the TV; stay away from the refrigerator.
  3. Keep a pocket notebook or voice recorder with you at all times to retain important thoughts and ideas for later.

Writing coach services should also:

  • Thoroughly read and review your manuscript
  • Explain how to improve it
  • Assess its potential for publication
  • Answer your questions
  • Mentor and inspire you

Choose a writing coach that specializes in your genre.  If you’re writing a memoir, go with a memoir writing coach.  If you’re authoring a fantasy or romance novel, choose a fiction writing coach.

Research the expertise of writing coaches.  Professional editors are skilled at teaching authors how to improve grammar, tense, punctuation, sentence structure and overall writing skills.  Published authors have mastered the writing and publishing process and know from experience what you’re going through and how to help you achieve your goal.

Professional editors who are also published authors blend the essential writing coach experiences and expertise required for coaching writers.

Finally, most writing coaches offer a free initial 30-minute phone consultation.  Before choosing, interview more than one writing coach and then listen to your gut.

Need help writing, editing or publishing your book?  Contact me for a FREE 30-minute phone consultation.


Phone – (850) 668-8574

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