Almost all books go through an editing process prior to publication.  Publication editing is the “quality control” standard for the book industry.  The main exception to this best practice is self-publishing.  Authors with tight budgets or rushing to get their books into print sometimes mistakenly ignore the value of professional manuscript editing, much to their detriment.

There are few worse issues for book buyers than to read an author’s spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, run-together sentences, incomplete thoughts, misusing words or using the wrong tense, as examples of obvious turnoffs.

Disappointed Amazon and Barnes & Noble customers tend to stop reading these books, demand refunds and write scathing reviews.  Bad reviews undercut sales!  The author’s hard work and reputation are dashed, due to a lack of quality control.

Some self-publishers rely on family members and friends to proofread their manuscript and offer constructive criticism.  Others use English teachers or college professors to guide them.  Both of these approaches are far better than relying solely on the author’s ability to know when the manuscript is fit to print.

However, if someone really, really wants to assure that their book is good-to-go, professional editors set the standard.  The problem with hiring editors for book publishing is … the good ones aren’t free!

The vast majority of aspiring authors must decide the value of producing a quality book, which requires hiring professionals.  Experienced editors cost money.

Is the expense worth it?

Does the budget allow it?

But don’t just hire any editor.  Due diligence promotes informed decisions.  Research the expertise of potential candidates.  If the book is nonfiction, look for a nonfiction editor.  If it’s a memoir, seek out a memoir editor.  A biographer is best suited for a biography editor.  An e-book author should contact a specialist in their genre also versed in e-book editing.

Most professional editors offer a free initial telephone consultation; interview several candidates before settling on the “right one.”

Hiring the right editor for a book greatly increases the quality of its contents.  And the quality of a book’s contents promotes its readability, sales and positive reviews.

Hiring the right editor is a wise investment for authors seeking to share their message with an audience of satisfied readers.  Satisfied readers embrace the author’s message and write positive book reviews.

Isn’t authoring a book that readers enjoy the ultimate value?

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