Have you ever asked yourself the question: Should I write my autobiography?  It’s a seemingly innocuous question, unless you answer yes.  That’s when it gets complicated.  Deciding to publish your life story and actually doing it are two very different issues.

Potential authors of autobiographies would be wise to answer several vital questions before starting this journey of self-discovery.  Otherwise, they will probably not complete it … or wish they had not started it.

  • Do you have a valuable life lesson to share?
  • Is there an audience that will benefit from reading about your life lesson?
  • Do you have the courage to state the truth without reservation?
  • Do you have the time, drive and ability to complete your autobiography?
  • What do you hope to gain from sharing your life story?

If you’ve resolved the answers to these questions, there’s one more to ask yourself: Who will publish my autobiography?  Answering this question can be the most difficult aspect of the entire process.

Trade publishers of autobiographies exist, but if you’re not famous or don’t have a fascinating story that’s germane to a large audience, you’re probably out of luck, no matter how talented a writer you may be.

Three alternative autobiography publishers remain:

  1. Independent publishers – Small commercial publishers
  2. Vanity book publishers – Publishers that charge for their services
  3. Self-publishing – Do it yourself

All three are legitimate options for dedicated authors, especially first-timers.  Becoming the published author of an autobiography is otherwise highly unlikely.  That’s why it’s important that autobiographers address the aforementioned six questions right off and then stick to their guns.  Those that do will probably not get rich or famous but what they’ll learn about themselves in the process is incredible.

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