The William Gladden Foundation Press is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit book publisher focusing on editing and publishing nonfiction books written by authors interested in sharing their experiences and expertise about youth and family issues.  We specialize in memoirs, biographies and the social sciences and love to mentor writers willing to risk sharing their difficult experiences and life lessons to uplift and teach other folks facing similar challenges.

Where most for-profit editors and publishers work in both fiction and nonfiction, almost all not for profit editors and publishers concentrate on nonfiction.  Not for profit publishing has its roots in academia, where university presses publish scholarly journals and books written mostly by professors for students, researchers, professors and professionals.

The overarching mission of academic nonprofit publishing companies is to advance the knowledge-base of its readership.  Conversely, the main motive of for-profit publishers is to profit from mass market sales of their books, informative or not.

Finding a book publisher for a fantasy, romance novel or other work of fiction largely excludes nonprofit book publishers.  This is the realm of for-profit trade and independent publishers who seldom take on unknown or unproven authors and generally require representation by a literary agent.

Choosing a publisher for memoirs, biographies or other nonfiction genres still includes trade and independent publishers but is limited for the above reasons; it is more the domain of vanity presses and academic nonprofit publishers.

The William Gladden Foundation Press is a hybrid nonprofit book publisher.  We charge for our editing and publishing services and reinvest the proceeds to further our mission of researching, writing and publishing about youth and family issues.  That’s why we specialize in memoirs, biographies and the social sciences.  These nonfiction genres have supported our nonprofit mission for more than 30 years and 300 publications.

Why not choose a nonprofit publisher?

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