Writing a memoir is one-third of the process of getting a book published. Another third involves editing a memoir to publishable standard, and the final third is actually publishing a memoir. Each step in the process is important, the last step being the grand prize.

Beginning memoir authors often concentrate solely on organizing their thoughts and getting their memories on paper. They may spend years writing the first draft, giving little mind to professional editing and guidance, and even less attention to researching memoir publishing companies.

Seasoned authors, however, realize that publishing memoirs requires planning all three phases of the process to maximize efficiency. They do spend the bulk of their time writing, but they’re also probably working with a memoir editor or exploring memoir literary agents and memoir book publishing services.

Some beginning authors use family, friends or colleagues to proofread and edit their memoirs; others hire a professional editor to maximize the publish-ability of their memoirs.

Getting a memoir published is as difficult … or as easy … as the first-time author makes it. There’s a lot to know about the memoir publishing process.

  • Will the editors at commercial publishers or independent publishing houses review my manuscript?
  • Should I get a literary agent?
  • Is my writing good enough?
  • What if they don’t like my life story?
  • Will they reject my memoirs?

The unknown road blocks are what detour the publishing dreams of potential authors.

That’s the reason to hire a memoir specialist, someone who has written, edited and even published their own and other authors’ memoirs. The professional memoir editor knows from experience how to direct the author’s story from concept through publication.

Employing the right expertise provides beginning memoir authors the luxury of concentrating on thinking and writing, rather than fretting about the other two-thirds of the publishing process.

That’s how to get a memoir published.

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