New authors tend to fret and sweat about how to get a publisher. They don’t realize that writing and publishing a book is only as difficult as they make it.

The process of discovering how to find a publisher for your first book begins with identifying the category of the book. Is your book fiction or nonfiction?

Now, determine its genre. If your book is fiction, for example, is it science fiction, a mystery, romance novel or fantasy? If it’s nonfiction, would you call it a biography, autobiography, memoir or informational literature, such as a travel, history or photography book?

Because many publishing companies specialize in a category, defining the precise genre of your book will largely determine who may be interested in publishing it. In other words, you are probably wasting time sending your romance novel to nonfiction book publishing companies or your memoirs to fiction publishers.

How to find a book publisher requires more than deciding what category or genre a book company publishes, however. If I want to publish my book about growing up in foster care, for example, there are four methods available to publish my nonfiction memoir.

  1. Trade book publishers – These mass-market publishing companies whose titles dominate the New York Times Best Seller List seldom publish first-time authors.
  2. Independent book publishers – These small publishing houses publish a limited number of titles per year and are more receptive to new authors than are trade publishers.
  3. Vanity presses – These publishers charge for their services, including proofreading, editing, printing and marketing.
  4. Selfpublishing Do-it-yourself publishing.

Book publication by trade publishers is a long-shot for most unpublished authors, but the other three methods are viable options worth pursuing.

The William Gladden Foundation Press is a hybrid publishing company that specializes in editing and publishing nonfiction books, specifically memoirs, autobiographies, biographies and the social sciences.

We welcome first-time authors and work closely with our clients to professionally edit and publish their books.

Need help writing, editing or publishing your book?  Contact me for a FREE phone consultation.

Phone – (850) 668-8574

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