Book editors help authors prepare their manuscripts for publication. Some book editors work for agents or publishers and others are freelance editors. Book editing companies also employ editors.

Professional book editors are the standard-bearers of the publishing industry. It is their job to show authors how to improve their manuscripts so they meet publishable standard. Manuscripts do not go directly from the author to the printing press, except for careless self-publishers. Book publishing companies have a standard of excellence to maintain. Their brand suffers every time readers stumble over misspellings, punctuation errors, incomplete sentences, poorly written stories and many other turnoffs.

Even the manuscripts of best-selling authors go through the necessary scrutiny of the editing process. Authors are human. They make mistakes. It’s the role of book editors to find those mistakes and help authors fix them prior to publication.

In other words, professional book editors know what must be done to get writers’ manuscripts to publishable standard and how to help them attain that high standard.

Think of manuscript editors as the quality control experts of the publishing industry. Literary agents and acquisitions editors are practically unapproachable for unpublished writers anymore, and the potential for new authors to get published is further diminished if their manuscript has not been professionally edited.

Some freelance book editors can even help their aspiring authors get published. They may know of or work with publishers, or understand the self-publishing process.

What does an editor do?

Professional freelance editors do the following:

  • Function as your writing coach
  • Proofread your manuscript
  • Identify or correct mistakes
  • Edit your manuscript
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Mentor and inspire you to complete your book
  • Guide your book to publishable standard
  • Help to find a publisher for your edited book

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