What are you going to do in retirement? Is writing your memoirs on your bucket list? Many senior citizens use this genre to put their lives in perspective. Not only do they get to recall and explore important life events, they can also share them with family members and other folks with the same life experiences.

What is a memoir? A memoir is a special kind of autobiography. It is a collection of memories that a person writes about a specific period or event that took place in their life. A memoir is also narrative nonfiction written in story form, like fiction, and has a particular theme or focus. The author details what happened and thereby gains insights from writing about it.

For instance, many memoir writers focus on challenging life-events. Examples of grim memoir ideas include surviving war, depression, divorce, cancer, child abuse, foster care, gang violence or substance abuse.

Conversely, happy memoirs involve relating the joy of growing up on an Amish farm, fond memories of a favorite pet, relationships with beloved spouses or best friends or recollections of falling in love for the first time.

Grim or happy, memoirs tend to be about either understanding and resolving an issue or reminiscing fondly about a cherished memory.

This genre is ideal for retirees. Almost anybody who really wants to can learn how to start a memoir. It’s not as difficult as writing fiction, where you need to make up a tale, or a biography, where you have to research someone else’s life history. Your memoir is your story, and the gist of it already exists in your mind. You just need to learn how to write your memoir so that your story is accurate and told well.

Think of a memoir as part of your legacy. Most of us will leave our heirs money or property to remember us by, but very few will bequeath descendants a treasured family story worthy of sharing with future generations. Likewise, imparting wisdom learned from a life event may make all the difference in the lives of others struggling with the same or a similar challenge.

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