Most new authors don’t know how to write a book. They may think they do, but soon learn there’s much more to writing books than just telling a story. There are two ways for aspiring authors to deal with this dilemma; they can: 1) learn by trial-and-error, and a little help from their friends, or 2) hire a professional writing coach to guide them through the writing process.

  • The first approach is less expensive but more frustrating and time-consuming.
  • The second approach costs more but is less stressful and saves time.

Oh, yeah, and professional writing coaches share writing tips with their authors, such as how to stay on task, write captivating content, develop intriguing characters, build suspense and where to begin and end the story.

Think of a professional writing coach as a writing mentor, someone with the expertise you don’t have but need to accomplish your goal of writing a story that will interest readers. Rather than endure the long and confusing process of learning on their own, savvy first-time authors seek out writing help from professionals who will efficiently and effectively guide their writing efforts from start to finish.

However, not all writing coaches are best suited for all new authors. For example, nonfiction writers are better served by working with writing coaches who specialize in nonfiction. Likewise, memoir writers should choose a writing consultant who specializes in memoirs; biography writers will learn more about the genre from a biography specialist, and so on.

Last, but certainly not least, look for a writing coach who has authored a book in your genre. Published authors understand your struggles because of their own writing experiences and use this know-how to help you anticipate and overcome obstacles that may otherwise impede your progress. They’ve been there and use their unique knowledge to help you get there, too.

Time and knowledge are, after all, precious commodities, sometimes more dear than gold.

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