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  • Phone: (850) 668-8574

Writing Coach – $80/hr. (5 hour minimum = 10 thirty minute sessions)

Writing a book is hard work, especially for beginners. Procrastination, daydreaming and writer’s block are but a few examples of distractions that handicap the writing process. Like a professional sports, health or life coach, a writing coach teaches aspiring authors how to identify problems, develop strategies and achieve goals.

As your writing coach, I will:

  • Thoroughly read and review your manuscript
  • Explain how to improve it
  • Answer your questions
  • Assess the potential for publishing your manuscript
  • Mentor and inspire you to complete your book

* Editorial services are not provided at the coaching level.

Proofreading/Surface Editing – $100 per 4,000 words (20,000 words minimum)

This level of book editing is appropriate for experienced writers confident in their command of grammar, tense, punctuation, sentence structure and overall writing skills. I will:

  • Thoroughly proofread your manuscript
  • Identify or correct mistakes
  • Offer suggestions for improvement
  • Re-write parts of the manuscript (to serve as examples)
  • Answer your questions
  • Assess the potential for publication
  • Guide your manuscript to publishable standard

* Manuscripts completed at this level are eligible for publication by the William Gladden Foundation Press.

Detailed Editing – $150 per 4,000 words (20,000 words minimum)

Detailed editing is appropriate for struggling writers who require extensive book editing services to raise their manuscript to publishable standard. I do not suggest investing in professional book editing of manuscripts that have limited potential for publication. It’s much more complicated and time-consuming for us both. To edit your manuscript to publishable standard, I will:

  • Coach you
  • Answer your questions
  • Proofread the manuscript
  • Thoroughly edit the manuscript
  • Detail how to improve the manuscript
  • Re-write parts of the manuscript
  • Escort you to the finish line

* Manuscripts completed at this level are eligible for publication by the William Gladden Foundation Press.

Book Publishing

The William Gladden Foundation Press publishes books in hardback, paperback, e-book or all three. Authors retain the copyright and sales royalties. However, we only publish authors whose manuscript we’ve edited.

There is no standard price for this individualized service. Authors decide the cost to get a book published by the number and type of services they choose, such as e-book only, paperback only, hardback only or a combination.

William Gladden Foundation Press provides all the publisher services required to publish your book:

  • ISBN#
  • UPC bar code
  • Copyright
  • Typesetting/page layout
  • Graphic design/cover artwork
  • Advice on pricing your book
  • Guidance submitting the hard copy of your book to
  • Guidance uploading your e-book to the platform
  • Guidance developing your author biography
  • Printed copies of the number of paperback and/or hardback books you choose

* No writing coach, editing or book publishing services provided prior to payment.

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